Good Snacks for Kids and Kids at Heart

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Everyone has a favorite snack and kids are not exceptions. My daughter, for instance, wants just about the same snacks every day: fish crackers and raisins. But there are many other good snacks she could have and sometimes chooses instead of her regular snacks. Here are some good snack ideas to have at home for the kids or even for you.

Dried Fruit: Raisins, Dried Cranberries, Dried Papaya
Dried fruit is one of the best snacks available. These good snacks don’t spoil quickly (if ever) and are so healthy for the human body. Raisins, dried cranberries, dried papaya and other dried fruits are so sweet and tasty that kids eat them up. Raisins can be found at any grocery store and even at Wal-Mart, while other dried fruits like papaya may be harder to find. I find dried papaya and other specialty fruits at my local health food store.

Fresh Fruit: Bananas, Grapes, Berries
Depending on the season, fresh fruit is the perfect snack. Fruit like bananas, grapes, and berries are easy and good snacks to grab and eat when a child is hungry. For my 2-year-old daughter I peel and usually slice bananas for her to eat as snacks, but she can hold them and take bites at this age, too. When I bring grapes home from the grocery store (when they’re a decent price) I wash them immediately so that they’re clean for impromptu snacking. Berries should be washed right before being eaten only since they spoil quickly after being washed.

Pre-Packaged Snacks amp; Fruit: Pudding, Jello, Fruit Cocktail, Mandarin Oranges, Peaches
Pre-packaged snacks such as pudding, jello, fruit cocktail and other fruits can be a bit pricey when compared to other snacks, but still these offer a snacking variety for children. These good snacks do sometimes have added sugar and may not be as healthy as other snacks.

Refrigerated Dairy: Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Sliced Cheese, Cheese Cubes
I have a very difficult time keeping yogurt in my home, since my husband takes it with him to work every day and my daughter gobbles her portion right up and asks for more, but yogurt is just one delicious dairy snack. Cottage cheese is another good dairy snack that some kids really like. It tastes even better to some mixed with sliced peaches. And, of course there’s cheese in general, which most kids absolutely love eating. Whether sliced or cubed, cheese is a good and easy snack for kids to eat right up.

Fresh Veggies: Avocado Slices, Seasoned Tomato Slices
I can’t speak for all children, of course, but my daughter really likes avocado slices and tomato slices. Both of these veggies (yes I am calling the tomato a vegetable because that’s how I feel about it) are extremely nutritious and taste very good as snacks – especially when seasoned. Avocado tastes great just plain or with salt, pepper, garlic, or lime juice sprinkled on it. Mix avocado with salsa for another tasty snack or dip. Tomato slices, too, taste great with salt and pepper. Both of these vegetables are special treats at our house.

Crackers: Fish Crackers, Animal Crackers, Graham Crackers
Occasionally I will purchase animal or graham crackers as something different for my daughter to snack on, and I almost always have fish crackers on hand since they make such an easy and good snack for at home or in the car (and my daughter loves them). However, some parents may wish to avoid snacks such as these since crackers often can lack nutritional value and may add unneeded carbs or sugars to one’s diet. They sure are good, though!

Frozen Snacks: Fruit Bars, Sherbet
For hot summer days, a good frozen snack is especially good (although these cold treats can be consumed at any season). Frozen fruit bars are available and sometimes can be found made with fresh fruit or fruit juice only and no added sugar, which is the type of fruit bar snack I must recommend. Sherbet is a nice alternative to ice cream, since it contains fewer fat and calories.

I hope this snack article gave you a few ideas of what good snacks your kids or you might enjoy. Remember to make snacks relatively small, so that all snackers will still be hungry for dinner.

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