4 Types of Garage Door Repairs for Your Lawrenceville Home

The invention of the garage was genius. It allows our vehicles and outside belongings to be protect from the weather and from dishonest people. It also prevents homeowners from having to scrape windows in the winter, or slosh through puddles in the spring and fall. However, garages comes with their own problems. Garage doors are notorious for problems. If your garage door has issues, don’t jump right to the phone to pay a professional, follow these simple fix-it-yourself tips. Otherwise, you may want to call someone to help you with your garage door repair lawrenceville ga.

Rollers that Bind

If you have a garage door that will not shut completely, or frequently comes back open, check that the rollers are not binding. This is a very common problem. A lot of the time, the issue is extremely simple to fix. For example, it could be a loose hinge that needs simple tightening. It could also be a broken roller that needs replaced. However, more than likely, all you will need is a little penetrating oil such as WD-40 to lube up the track and rollers.

Lock Bar that Doesn’t Catch

Another common garage door problem is a lock bar that neglects to catch. This can happen with use over time. Simply loosen the guide screws and move the guide up or down until the lock bar is allowed to catch. Once the guide is in the correct location, retighten the screws.

Not Enough Tension

Over time, some garage doors lose wire tension. This happens to cable with years of use. Put the garage door in the open position, pull on the cable until the slack is the desired tension. Than, simply tie a knot to secure the new wire length in the slot again.

Sagging Garage Door

Doors that are one large piece, or doors that swing up to open have a tendancy to sag in the middle. This is a simple repair. Apply reinforcing rods or strips along the top and bottom edges of the door. Wedge in spacers between the rods and the garage door. These should push the door out and eliminate sag. The door should be allowed a ½ inch outward warp.

Garage doors, especially electric garage doors can have their issues. However, if you know simple fixes for common door problems, you will pay a lot less money for repairs. Binding rollers, non-catching lock bars, a lack of tension, and a sagging door are all common and simple garage door problems to fix.

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