Why You Should Hire a Pro Lawrenceville Tree Service

Are you thinking of handling a tree removal project on your own? This seems doable as long as you have the equipment, right? However, before borrowing an equipment or taking out yours from the garage, you might want to know more about this project first.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Are You Allowed to Remove Trees on Your Own?

You need to check with the local authorities if you’re allowed to perform tree removal on your own. You don’t want further problems to come with wanting to remove trees. Hence, it may be a lot more convenient and cheaper to hire a professional tree removal service company.

2.  Are You Sure You Have All the Necessary Equipment?

Is power saw everything that you need to remove a tree? Not, really.  You will be needing more tools. Most importantly, you need someone to help you with the process.

Tree removal can’t be completed by a single person. Also, if you begin the job without ensuring you have a complete set of tools, you might only expose yourself to danger. If you have kids or pets around, their safety will also be at risk.

3.  Do You Have the Right Safety Gears?

When you see professional tree service providers, they’re always in uniform. They have safety gears every time they’re on the job site. If you are taking tree removal into your own hand, you also need to have the right clothing, including shoes. Consider if you would rather call a tree care company than invest in these gears, or take time looking for someone that can lend them to you.

4.   Do You Have Experience in Full Tree Removal?

A full tree removal requires professional expertise. Knowing how to use a power saw won’t make the cut. You need to plan first. There are several factors at risk should this project fail.

You’re looking at extensive damages to property and worse, injuries or accidents to people. You also need to consider liability issues you’re likely to face. Even if you have successfully cut down a tree, you will still have to deal with debris cleaning afterward.

And you will need help from people to remove heavy tree parts. Chances are, you will need heavy-duty equipment, too.

Consult Tree Removal Experts First

Even if you’re passionate about learning everything about tree removal, it won’t hurt to consult the professionals. Look into the advantages of getting a professional tree service provider to remove that tree for you.

Will this option save you more time and money? Will this free you of responsibilities? Long as you’re working with a responsible tree service company in your area, the answer to those questions is a yes.

What to Ask a Tree Removal Company

There will always be a tree care company that’s better than the others. Tree care jobs can be massive and dangerous. You don’t want to hire someone that owned a truck and some tools and already call themselves, professional technicians.

You’ll want a team that has proven experience in the industry. You’ll want a company that has acquired a license to operate and is fully insured. With that said, here are some factors to consider before choosing which team to hire for your tree removal project.

  • Is their company registered? You’ll know that a company is legitimate if they’re duly registered with the local government. Having a license is also one sign that the company is serious in the work that they do. Add to that a comprehensive insurance to cover for all the services they’re providing.
  • Are their workers highly skilled? You don’t want to deal with day laborers. You’ll want to know that employees you’re meeting at the job site are all direct employees of the tree service company. That they are all experienced, professional, and skilled in their jobs. Apart from their technical skills, you’ll also want to ensure that they’ll listen to your needs and treat you with respect.
  • Do they provide a cost estimate for their job? An honest tree care company will be happy to provide you with a quote. They’ll be open to discussing its details with you, especially if you’re hiring a tree care company for the first time. Besides providing you with a quote, they will also see to it to offer a competitive price. They’ll assist you in making your tree project financially manageable.
  • Can they provide you with references? Request a list of references from the company and see if they will provide you with one. If they’re confident about the quality of their work, they will be more than willing to share referrals with you.
  • What does word of mouth say about their company? Check out third-party reviews sites, such as Angie’s List, to learn more about the quality of work the tree service company provides. Honest feedback from clients will give you an idea of what to expect should you hire the company. You’ll know their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll know how they treat their clients.
  • Is their customer service reliable? As for client experience, you’ll want to test their customer service team. See how the people responding to phone calls or emails are handling your inquiries. Check out the experiences of previous clients after getting their jobs completed. Were they able to contact the team easily when they had concerns? Did the team go out of the way to ensuring their clients are satisfied?

Whether you need tree removal or are thinking of another tree service project, consider how hiring professionals will be more beneficial for you. Even if you’re working on a limited budget, you can still get a professional to look into your trees.

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