About Us

Lawrenceville Farmers’ Market has been created to encourage a healthy community and volunteer-driven community to help in making fresh, locally-grown food available to residents of Gwinnett County area while supporting the local economy.

Lawrenceville Farmers’ Market drives a healthy neighborhood by providing the public with direct access with quality food producers. Not only it provides access, it only focuses on supporting the local economy to further drive environmental sustainability.

The Lawrenceville Farmers Market Principles

Locally Grown or Produced Products – Going local is the way to go! We highly support locally grown products as its fresh and guaranteed with good quality.

Education – Food choice education is definitely a must for a certain individual to get access to quality yet healthy food options.

A sense of Community – As they say, the more the merrier! We take pride in collaborating with people from all walks of life to achieve one goal. Sustainability.

Opportunities – Lawrenceville Farmers Market is dedicated to support the environment whilst celebrating the development of our members.

Diversity – Regardless of who you are, if you share the same vision as we do, we would love to work with you!